Monday, December 16, 2013

Do you have what it takes to be a Marvel Reprint Editor?

Turn these two pages from THOR #145 into one.


  1. OK, I'll play... If I could shuffle the panels from both pages, I would do one of two plans. First, both options begin with Page 1, Panel 1 (1-1), and end with Page 2, panel 5 (2-5). I would place (2-1) into the second panel position, and then either (2-3) and (2-4) leading to (2-5) OR... (1-3) leading directly into (2-5).
    The first plan shows Odin passing judgement, and then cuts to Thor discussing with his friends and getting a message from Odin.
    The second plan also shows Odin passing judgement, but then implies the Thor and his friends are in the line-up in Asgard, instead of still on Earth.

    I think I like the first option more, as it gives more face time to Thor, and we already know Big Daddy Odin is a hot head and will fly off the handle when P-O'd...which is what's coming, as I recall.

    How'd I do? Do I get the job?

  2. Thanks for playing along! Unfortunately neither of your solutions were the one that Marvel went with. You will get another chance to match wits with a Marvel Reprint Editor again really soon.

  3. It would appear that my first plan was not far off. Instead of showing Odin pass judgement on the two Enchanters, Marvel chose instead to show the third panel with Odin's Shadow and his rant instead. I wasn't far off. (I still think my solution was better. I can't believe they chopped 3 pages out in the reprint!)

    Give me another chance, please...