Monday, November 7, 2016


The original art for Sif's third cover appearance was sold by Heritage Auctions for $9,775. I wonder how much the art will be worth when the Wrecker is added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
"Presented in a large format, this piece measures approximately 17.5" x 23", with an approximate image area of 20.25" x 13.25", and is in excellent condition. There is some use of white-out on the cover and some editorial notations in the margins, but these do not affect the art in any way. Titles and logos are all stats, and the Thor figure, as well as Sif's hand, are paste-overs, but they are original inked art. Twice-up Kirby covers from this era are increasingly difficult to find, making this an even more desirable piece." - Hertitage Auction description.

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