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Sunday, August 31, 2014

If you were a Thor fan in 1990...

This was the third of three Unconscious Thor covers you would have seen for sale from the Spring of that year until the Fall.
This was Paul Ryan's second Unconscious Thor Cover.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


(W) Dan Slott (A) Ramon K. Perez (CA) Alex Ross
   Witness another secret chapter from the first days of Spider-Man! What started off as fun-and-games for new villain Clash turns deadly serious. As if that weren't enough, a classic Spider-Man villain joins in on the fun! Plus a retro two panel Thor cameo.

(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Leinil Francis Yu
   The first Avenger meets the last Avenger and the Avengers World crumbles. Thor appears on four pages, has one line and doesn't do any fighting.

INHUMAN #4 $3.99
(W) Charles Soule (A/CA) Ryan Stegman
   Medusa and the Inhumans get a visitor to New Attilan- THOR!  Who is Reader and is he friend or foe?!

(W) Joe Caramagna (A) Ramon Bachs, Ty Templeton (CA) Ty Templeton
    Loki puts a hex on Spidey, turning him into a pig! Enter: Peter Porker! Can our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Ham survive an Asgardian boar hunt? Of course Thor appears!

ORIGINAL SIN #5.4 $3.99
(W) Jason Aaron, Al Ewing (A) Simone Bianchi, Lee Garbett (CA) Simone Bianchi
   Thanks to the events of ORIGINAL SIN, the deepest secret of the Nine Realms is revealed... a Tenth Realm! Thor and Loki embark on a quest to discover this strange new world -- and the sister Thor never knew he had... Angela! But can Loki be trusted? And will brother and sister murder each other before the truth comes out?

UNCANNY AVENGERS #23 $3.99 (Rios Maos var)
    (W) Rick Remender (A) Sanford Greene (CA) Agustin Alessio
   Uncanny Avengers reunited! The threat of Kang is over, but what are the repercussions?  Meet the new faces of the Marvel Universe! Thor appears on the cover and in two panels on one page.